Startup20 – Macapá, Brazil

The Hawaii MBDA Business office is honored again as being selected as official delegates to the G20, this year the host is Brazil. It is the inaugural event of Startup20, the G20 engagement group for Startups and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

About Startup20

Startups are emerging technology-based companies that seek to develop and offer innovative solutions to the market. They are characterized by their agile, lean and flexible business model, by offering growth solutions with added value to the business and by meeting customer demands.

This substantial contribution highlights the strategic importance of Startup20, which, although it is a relatively new group, already records as its main achievement the elaboration of a Communiqué and the commitment of the joint annual investment of the G20 nations in the global startup ecosystem to US$ 1 trillion until 2030, thus marking its presence and impact on the global stage.

The strategic agendas of the engagement group revolve around three main pillars and their consequences in small and medium-sized companies: ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance), investments and policies and regulations. And so, we seek:

◉ Develop cooperation and business opportunities between member countries ;
◉ Establish important guidelines to foster innovation, create networks between startups and encourage business and investments ;
◉ Promote the Brazilian innovation and technology ecosystem ;
◉ Assist in the economic development of the country and in overcoming inequalities ;
◉ Stimulate the promotion of innovation, whether by attracting foreign investment, promoting scientific entrepreneurship or even promoting the innovation ecosystem .

Startup20 Brasil aims to present crucial topics for the agenda, while developing important recommendations for the Brazilian presidency. The objective is for these recommendations to feed into discussions at the G20 Summit.



Feb 23 - 26 2024


8:00 am - 6:00 pm
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